On the Trail

The Great Lake-to-Lake Trails Route #1 is a multi-use trail where users of all ages and abilities may be enjoying walking, hiking, skiing, skating, biking, or horseback riding. To ensure a safe experience for all, know the right of way and when to allow others to pass.


Right of Way

In general, hikers yield to horses, and bikers yield to both hikers and equestrians. The best practice is for the trail user moving downhill to yield to the one moving uphill. When yielding, do your best to stay on durable surfaces to avoid harming fragile ecosystems.


Hiking Tips

  • Yield to equestrians whenever possible. If the conditions permit, step to the downhill side of the trail.
  • Communicate with equestrians and avoid making sudden movements when horses pass to avoid startling them.
  • Yield to hikers moving uphill when you are hiking downhill.


Biking Tips

  • Yield to both hikers and equestrians whenever possible.
  • Use caution and slow down around blind corners where you might encounter another trail user.
  • Communicate with equestrians, some may ask you to dismount as they pass to avoid startling their horse. Wait for horses to fully pass before resuming your bike ride.
  • Yield to bikers riding uphill when you are riding downhill.


Horseback Riding Tips

  • Allow other users to pass if it makes sense. While equestrians have the right-of-way when encountering hikers and bikers, in some situations it may make more sense to yield to another user. Bikes travel quickly, and if they are approaching from behind on a descent, it is wisest to let them pass.
  • Communicate clearly with other trail users to ensure they won’t be in your way when passing.
  • Ask bikers to dismount if there’s any doubts about startling your horse.
  • Yield to equestrians travelling uphill if you are riding downhill.


Dog Walking Tips

  • Yield to all other trail users.
  • Keep your dog on a leash in accordance with Michigan law.
  • Keep your dog close when passing children, horses or other dogs, even if your dog is friendly.
  • Communicate with equestrians to ensure their horse isn’t startled by other animals.


Off the Trail

  • Respect and follow all local traffic laws, riding single file with traffic and stopping at all stop signs.
  • Do not ride on sidewalks.
  • Be considerate when you lock up your bike.
  • Treat trail towns as you would want visitors to treat your hometown.