Those of you who know me, know that my dream is to see the completion of the Great Lake-To-Lake Trail Route #1 within my lifetime. I would like to ride the entire finished route with my family and friends while I’m still physically able to do so. I have dedicated my time and financial resources to make this happen, but I realize it takes the commitment and cooperation of many state and local government agencies, nonprofit groups and caring individuals working together to make this dream a reality. Together we’ve made great strides, and many more miles of the trail will be completed this year. I’d like to recognize the significant efforts of our partners at the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance under the leadership of their Executive Director, Bob Wilson in helping to forge this trail and specifically recognize some key individuals who have been at our side on this journey, John Calvert, Nikki VanBloem and Paul Yauk. There are literally hundreds of individuals that have put their time and talents into this trail, certainly too numerous for me to mention here, but their efforts will not go unrecognized as they already know how much I value their passion for this trail. Together we have worked so well with the numerous agencies, groups and individuals who share this same dream of being able to traverse from one Great Lake to another on this incredible destination trail.

-Mike Levine

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