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As the statewide voice for non-motorized trail users in Michigan, the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance has compiled many helpful resources for trail managers.


Great Lake-to-Lake Trails Signage Standards Manual: Proper signage is a cornerstone to success for a linear trail. Thank you for helping us make the Great Lake-to-Lake Trails a success by making the trails easy to identify while providing a safe experience for all users.

Leveraging Your Existing Trail System for Community and Economic Development: An outline of the four-point approach used by the Allegheny Trail Alliance to establish a successful Trail Town program.

Michigan’s Electric Bicycle Legislation: Laws HB 4781, 4782, and 4783 authorize the use of electric bicycles in Michigan.

Trail Management Councils in Michigan: Michigan law provides distinct opportunities for the development of multi-jurisdictional trail management councils. this document explores these options and provides historical perspective.

Trail Town Manual – Capturing Trail-Based Tourism: A manual for communities along the North Central State Trail on how communities can utilize the long, linear, multi-jurisdictional non-motorized trail to support tourism and future business and economic development opportunities.

Trail Towns – Capturing Trail-Based Tourism: A guide for communities in Pennsylvania to enhance a community that already has a trail in or near it. It focuses on communities near nonmotorized, multiple purpose trails, such as towpaths and rail trails.


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